Random facts meme

Posted: August 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

Not tagged, and I won’t tag anyone either, but here’s 6 random facts about me;

1. I actually harbour a secret wish to go out and sleep around for fun, and be a complete tart, without actually having to relate to people. The only things stopping me are the fear of VD and the lack of suitable victims….

2. I really, really love my job.

3. The thought of being seen as average and normal terrifies me.

4. Some of my beliefs are controversial and offensive, such as my belief that eugenics, in an altered form is a damn good idea, and that people should have to have licences to breed…

5. I can’t stand most Goth music. At all. Some of the early, punkier stuff is fine – I like guitars, after all – but most of it is lost on me entirely.

6. As a teenager, my career aspirations were either to be a camera operator for Central TV, or a copper. I was too short to be a copper, and the studios were mainly in Birmingham, so I never managed either. Got quite close though……


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