The Weekend

Posted: August 6, 2006 in Uncategorized

Sponsored by Jack Daniels.


Esquires, Henry and the Bleeders, met  Sean and his emo friend, compared  hair colour with Ed, JD,  Cortina chat with Tom – bloody clutches!!!, in the pit with Lucy, JD, downstairs, JD, coke, dancing, advice from Swiss James – Kill Them All!,  JD, taking piss out of emo, wobbly, JD,  lost glasses, eat stodge, sleep.


Work, home, bath, JD, walk to town, propositioned by alarming gentleman, death threat from chav, pub, JD, tea bags, roast dinner mini cheddars,  comedy vans, mistaken identity,  JD, discussed mohawk, JD, wobble to Bear, JD, me being arrogant, alarming man talking at me, rubbing Eds legs, more chat, JD and Coke (eurgh), wobble to QP, home, more carbs, sleep.


Surprise at waking up feeling OK, coffee and biscuits with John and Emma, Tea, Gentleman Jack and nutter stories,  salmon surfer van,  dinner, cheesecake, upsetting people :(, wrong ends of sticks, more bad news, offer of cake and rantage,  Gentleman Jack, tired now……

I really should write a book. Or sell it to the BBC, but it’s all too far fetched……


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