Tch, men……

Posted: August 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

I don’t  normally complain about men in general, because I am well aware that not all men are bastards.

I’m more frustrated at myself,  to be honest.

Must be a full moon thing.

I’m also feeling particularly arrogant. and gobby.

So, I’m annoyed that despite trying to put it all to the back of my mind, I can’t do it. Even though I know it’s wrong. Arsebiscuits.

Met a chap a few weeks back who seems nice (No, I’m not eyeing up every male as a potential mate) with a few things in common. He might be fun for a bit of a fling, though I suspect he’s yet another who wants a relationship….. eurgh (er that’s relationship in general, not with me – I’m not THAT arrogant)

And I’m sure a bloke at work is trying to chat me up. He’s sweet enough but a bit ‘normal’ really.  Wears a lot of brown (!!!) And seems a bit needy.  Needy bad.

Ha ha I wouldn’t know an admirer if they had a fucking notice….I’m probably imagining things, I usually do.

And I have just spent the evening with goth_urchin making bracelets. All red and black (oh what a shock that is…)

One is all red plastic stars – glittery,plain and pearlescent, with a solitary black heart (wonder what that represents), another is tiny red and white stars with red beads. The third is black dice with red and black beads, and the fourth is white skulls with red and black matt beads. The anklet is the same red and black beads with tiny clear dice and a skull charm. And they are very pretty and I  made them! I’m not usually imaginitive enough to make stuff…

And now I’m bloody tired  – a very long day at work tomorrow, with two hats on so I’ll be getting confused between EU and UK law all day…. For some reao I had no appetite this evening – couldn’t even manage a cup of tea and a biscuit – hope I’m OK tomorrow….

And I’m still spotty.

And I really need to get my specs back, it’s been nearly a week…….


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