Money Saving

Posted: August 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

After the last post, I thought I’d ring Vodafone and try to get an upgrade.

Was told the phone I wanted was  £110 and I’d have to have an 18 month contract which would be 200  mins and 250 texts for  about £30, which is what I’m on now.

I think not.

She then  said I could have the phone for £80.

I think not.

I explained that the set is FREE on the internet, and the price plans aren’t too bad. Then I asked about the SIM only deals, as they have 250 mins and 1000 texts dor £30. She said she could do that, but it would be a 12 month contract, instead of the 30 day contracts on the net.

I think not.

Eventually, she put me through to someone in Customer Retentions (except they don’t call it that), who, after a bit of haggling, got me a 12 month contract, but I have to pay £25 for the phone, and it’s 125  minutes and 1000 texts  for £25 a month.  Result! Tariff starts at midnight, and I get me  phone tomorrow! It’s a lovely Ericsson K800i – the foxy Cyber-Shot one,  so I will have some fun with that…..

I think so.

So, after my £98 bill last month,  and my usual £60 jobs, I should be saving around £30 a  month on my phone bills!


The girl I spoke to first  probably hates me…..


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