More moneysaving tips from…..

Posted: August 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

Ha. After the Vodafone victory, I finally decided to check all my outgoings.

So, the difference between my bills and my salary is about £80. Really not enough to keep me in food, petrol and alcohol. Bear in mind I have car tax to buy, Portsmouth to drive to and from as well. And dental treatment, a credit card bill and a massive £91 in bank charges!!!!!!

Speaking of which, despite the fact I don’t have the fee for searching my records, I’ve sent the requests off anyway. Better to get them in and have to send a cheque next week….. Fucking bank charges – I reckon if I get them all  back, it’s around £1000…..

Anyhow, I rang NTHell, and they have agreed to put my broadband down to half price for 3 months, and my  Family Pack for 6, saving me £21.50  a month. Jolly good.

And I rang Powergen,and told them their charge was ridiculous, particularly as I’m now living on my own and will use less, so I got that down by £34  a month.

Go me!
Next stop will be the mortgage.

Really NOT looking forward to that one…..

Any more tips greatly appreciated….


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