Busy busy busy

Posted: September 1, 2006 in Uncategorized


Working like a loon at the moment (well, not this precise moment)to get a couple of bits finished before this afternoon.

For this afternoon, I will be off to the wilds of Clapham for a weekend of booze, bands, banter and bad food at Badfest. Unfortunately, it will be interrupted by the fact I have to work tomorrow, but I’ll only miss a couple of bands. Looking forward to it, even if I’m a bit nervous. ALl the people I’m going with, I’ve known for years, but I don’t ‘know’ them, if you get what I mean!

I also got a present from my friend in Australia today – a rather nice punky top with a Union flag on in black lace and PVC. Will have to wear that over the weekend!

Have had to take the Nova off the road – it needs work and I can’t afford to tax it this month. I’m back in the Golf for now – no stereo, no power but at least the brakes work…


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