Wot a weekend……..

Posted: September 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

So. it goes a bit like this…..

Decided to get a ticket for Badfest – a day before the event….. ho hum.

Friday was One Of Those Days. The Plan was as follows……

Get up, pick up Golf and get to work. Early. About 7.30.
Do what I need then get myself to Stevenage for around 10am
Leave Stevenage at around midday, buy a couple of essentials and  get home for around 1pm
Shower, pack and get to Clapham for around 3pm

What actually happened…..

Got up,  Criz finally arrived with the Golf at 8ish, then had to get cash,  petrol, faff and  go to work, at around 9am.
Did what I needed, plus some, and got to Stevenage around midday. Criz had left spare keys in the car.
Left at around 2, drove home, packed, showered and got to Pikes at around 5pm to drop off keys
Finally got to Twinwoods close to 6pm



proceeded to have an argument with the gate staff (but they’ve saved me a place…), got parked, cracked open the JD, had a gossip, was introduced to people, sorted the sleeping arrangements, then went off to see bands.  Already half cut,  but didn’t want to buy from the bar, cos it was expensive! And in danger of being knocked about! Much comedy, some damn fine music, Jon broke his nose in the pit, I had a laugh, I ate chips and then we went back to camp…. where we gossiped more and the Sambuca came out….most of the night then spent in awning, because it were getting a bit chilly, like…
Punk Icon of the Week had to be the sight of Gobbey, all mohican and tartan bondage trousers, with a can of Fosters in one hand, and a mug of  Cup–Soup in the other, swigging alternately, and announcing (of the Cup-a-Soup), ‘I’m on my third one, already….’

Then there was  bed, and  much noise ouside (which thankfully concealed Cardinal  Chunder and  his antics….), very little sleep (me? No sleep? Nah…….oh ok I got a couple of hours.  Maybe).  And much antacid consumption  by fellow  tent  bod – burger  AND  large hot  dog in one evening washed down by pints of Guinness probably not a treat for the digestive system – he he he!! :p

Unfortunately I had to work Saturday,  so I had to cut short the lovely comfy tent and charming company, and  fuck off at 7.30….. At some point on the way to work I realised I had almost completely lost my voice. Very handy, when you work in a shop!!! After 3 hours of squeaking at people from the till, I decided my time would be more constructively spent stocking up…

Magners run not necessary anymore, so drove back to site, got changed in a very very blowy tent, while Ian and Grat stalked around it adding reinforcement tent pegs! Seems Riks tent had magically transformed into a flat……along with a few others…. Date with Jack started in earnest! Found out chip van sold chips and gravy, so very very happy!Tried to keep the ‘glass’ the bar gave me to pour Jack into, but it cracked on the way back – luckily Tall Bird had some polystyrene cups, so I filled it and put it in my pocket, trying to get everyone to slow down so it wouldn’t slosh out of my pocket – didn’t work, I ended up with a wet pocket anyway, but the stewards didn’t say anything….
Danced like a loon to Bad Manners, who did a rather impressive cover of Black Night, and it was good! The Gobbeys got back from Eaquires with some notes, and Grat very nearly got a Magners bottle as a butt plug (sorry mate,  didn’t realised I’d shoved it quite that hard, but then I was…er…somewhat inebriated!),  Me and Tall Bird had to have loads of space and then it was back to tent for more Jack and chat.  Rik snored like a chainsaw, and I fell asleep repeatedly.  After sending an inordinate amount of ludicrous drunken texts (I will never learn to leave my phone, will i?),  I was  trying to reply to  one Ed  sent. After  10 minutes of racking my brains trying to remember what I was going to say, I gave up and went to bed. Think I did actually manage an hour or so…..

Sunday morning was much lazier, and more chilled! Felt surprisingly OK in the morning, hangover wise, though a little spaced out and tired due to lack of sleep  – not necessarily a new feeling to me, but an unhelpful one. Dragge  myself out of the tent, to be faced with the devastation that was my bottle  of JD.  Oops!

Day spent eating greasy food, lazing around, talking about books,  watching a totally bizarre barbecue, getting comedy sunburn stripes, eating ice  cream  and  just general chilling. After packing everything away, and getting road rage at some total gimp in an Escort estate who drove out of Twinwoods at  3mph, then through Clapham at 25mph, I dropped the tent off, had a cup of tea, said a quick Hi to Grace and Andy who just got back, then went home…..

Today was a nightmare of letter sending, catching up, trying to study and food shopping.  And now my sodding phone has had a ‘moment’ I got the ‘Sim Inactive’ message, and now I’m getting ‘Insert Sim’ – bit worried about that…. and the house  phone is dead, so can’t ring Vodafone until it’s charged up…. Considering the utter utter joy I’ve had with Vodafone recently, it’s  one phone call I’m NOT looking forward to, and is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure just a little bit….And it’s definitely the sim, because it doesn’t work in my old phone…..

So now we know – they last about 7 years…..

Tomorrow, I have to get to work VERY early,  get in a couple of hours of study, go to Luton for a visit, then get myself to the Smoke for a course by 1pm…. then get there the next 2 days, somehow, and try to learn something about the New Community Transit System…..

Meanwhile, I have got nothing done, but I like being busy! I started a book, I bought food, and now I just need to sort my shit.

Have been told I AM  going to Speedfreaks, so there’s Whitby,  then Hemsby, and yeah, I found out that Vain are playing the Wildside Festival, along with Tigertailz and others in November…..gonna be a  busy one! Eek! Better start pimping myself out……

And what did I learn this weekend? That people are generally nicer than I give them credit for – everyone was utterly lovely to me, even if the topic of pisstake was that I was a tall midget…. I had a couple of preconceptions shattered too – I even surprised myself, and it’ll surprise others too…. he he.
No more comment on that except that suddenly things aren’t clear cut anymore, and  I have developed a whole new hair fetish  he he…;op

And now to look at the joy that is the Vodashite website and a bit of Spazzing….


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