ANOTHER busy one, phew!

Posted: September 6, 2006 in Uncategorized

Today was another manic effort.

At work at 7.30, checking where the training venue was, doing prep and sorting stuff. Off to Luton for a visit at  10, done by 11,  but no time to retrieve map and stuff from car, so straight to Vodafone  shop to get a new  SIM. Huge queue, so I went to atch train, where i was told I have to pay a £6.30 supplement to come back from London between  4.30 and  7.30pm – WTF? And I can’t use  Midland Mainline! Good job I was going to Blackfriars then…..

Got to London on time, where I found my SIM was  working  again, though it’s a bit  temperamental. As long as it lasts till Thursday, and I’ll get a new one….

Got back from course around 7 and went to give Susie Evil Spunky Soap, we  chatted about work and stuff, and had House Text Wars with some mates – a few hundred text messages flew between Clapham and Queens Park tonight….

I have to be out of the house at around 6.30 tomorrow – not paying £35 for a train two days in a row – can’t afford it, so will drive the next  two days….and then there’s Executioners’ tomorrow at Ace Cafe, so I may drop in on the way home…..

And I haven’t even eaten or showered yet. I can wait for breakfast, but must shower first thing….

I know there’s a perfectly good reason we sleep, but it’s a shame we can’t save it all up and just sleep one whole  day a month…..


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