Needing cash!

Posted: September 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Any Get Rich Quick schemes required!

Have just realised all the utterly cool stuff I need money for, and some that isn’t massively exciting.

So far:

Saturday – Cravenfest

Next week – I have to get myself to Portsmuff and back for a course, and possibly to Nottingham too.

In October, I have to get myself to Birmingham for a coupl eof days for another course, I’d like to go and see Seether but unlikely, I also have to pay for and get my arse to Whitby for a week….

November: I have to go to a course in Southampton, get myself to the Wildside Festival (it would be immeasurably rude NOT to go, I mean Vain!!! Tigertailz!!! Come ON!!!), THEN get to Speedfreaks in Hemsby! Arghhh!!!

The work stuff not a problem, I can claim the petrol back (no sniggering at the back!), but I’m looking at needing to raise £300 for petrol and tickets for the rest – that’s not even including beer….eek!

Meanwhile, Mr Dodgy Telesales man, I do NOT want your LG phone on T-Mobile for £17.50 a month, with 500 texts and 500 minutes.

I’ve just got a superior phone with a better tariff now FUCK OFF!!!! He got ever so confused when I started asking questions….

Is it 3G? How many texts? Does it have a camera? How good is it? Do I get email? Is it an mp3 player? Internet? My own internet account? Memory size? Hee hee hee fuckers……

Learned some interesting shit today. As we all know, MOTs are computerised, and it seems the industry have been taking the piss somewhat. We all know that if ya take it back within a day or 5 depending on the work, only a partial retest is required. Otherwise you need a full retest and most garages say they have to charge full price. Bollocks do they – the MOT charge is entirely at their own discretion, providing they don’t charge over the statutory maximum. Now I suspected this anyway, so I looked it up and found out VOSA are changing the guidelines…

From the website….

New improved re-test procedures will save motorists time and money, says VOSA.

Having thoroughly analysed thousands of MOT tests over a three month period, and after consulting with a diverse range of stakeholders, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) will implement the following re-test procedures with effect from 11th September 2006.

* Where a vehicle fails its MOT Test and stays at the Test Station in order to undergo repairs, only a partial re-examination will be required, provided the re-examination is carried out before the end of the tenth working day after the day of the initial test. This re-examination will be free.
* If the vehicle is brought back to the same Testing Station by the end of the next working day for one or more of the following items only, a partial re-examination is again required and this re-examination is also free:

Bonnet, boot lid, brake pedal anti-slip, direction indicators, doors, dropsides, fuel filler cap, hazard warning, horn, lamps, loading door, mirrors, rear reflectors, registration plates, seatbelts (but not anchorages), seats, sharp edges or projections, steering wheel, tailboard, tailgate, vehicle identification number (VIN), windscreen and glass, windscreen wipers/washers, wheels* and tyres*.

(* Not applicable to motor bicycles and side cars.)

* If the vehicle does not qualify for a re-test as listed in 1) or 2) above, and is brought back to the same Testing Station by the end of the tenth working day following the day of the initial test for retest, only a partial re-examination is required for which a maximum of half the full fee may be charged.

Previously, in this instance, a full re-examination of the vehicle was required for which a full fee was chargeable.

Only one partial re-examination is permissible per full examination.

If a vehicle does not qualify for a partial re-examination as listed above, a full re-examination is required and a full fee may be charged.

Private Vehicles Director Alex Fiddes said: “VOSA is confident that this approach will offer consistency to motorists across the nation whilst saving them time and money. We have applied engineering common sense, considered the opinions of outside sources and introduced what we believe to be a practical system that will benefit both the motorist and Testing Stations.”



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