Well that was fun….

Posted: September 26, 2006 in Uncategorized

Friday – went to Northampton for Levellers acoustic gig – was cool and chilled. Afterwards, for reasons known only to myself, I agreed to go and help Susie braid hair, but she’d nearly done by then, so I ate pizza with Pike instead…

Saturday was work, then pub. Saw Liz and George and Tom, as well as Ian and Laura, and there was much alcohol imbibed. Went to Esquires with Tom and it was rubbish as ever, managed to get myself to Georges and eat half his bacon sarnie before crashing out.

Next morning, I pinched a brolly, as it was pissing it down….. went to Ians, ate biscuits, compared hangovers, started hair, gave up on hair, I went to Toms to sort exhaust, back to Ians, off to the cruise, then home.

Yesterday went to Nottingham for work, it took an hour and a half, met Claire for lunch, had a gossip and a mooch, came home, played agony cunt, went to pub, drank black jack and watched nasty skaggy bint pissing everyone off in the pub….back to Ians then crashed.

And now I’m at work – too much to do as usual….will start soon when the email is working!!!!

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