Posted: September 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

What a fucking nightmare!!!!

Too much stress. Had a row with my boss yesterday, in fact it carried on to today. Sod him.

The whole week has been extremely bizarre and strange. And it’s gonna get stranger.

Today was a bit mad, though I had damn yummy Chinese food, and watched intelligent telly for a change…..

Looks I may soon have an excuse and a reason for keeping the flat tidy. Urchin – I need those boxes!!!

Seems I may have been ‘cured’. Always good. Will find out for sure tomorrow…..

OK, so I may have been ‘cured’ of one thing, but I have a new affliction. This one’s a bit strange. Dunno if he’s the strong, silent type, or just not interested. Or only interested after a skinful. Was perfectly pleasant and helpful tonight though. Still no idea what’s happening with this other bird. Argh. They joys of being second choice every time… or being in the wrong place at the wrong time….something else to kick myself over at every opportunity!

And no, he isn’t blond, skinny, long-haired or a rawk god….. ha ha ha!!!!!


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