Stupid work!

Posted: October 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

Honestly, the mind boggles!!

I work in one department. I’m on secondment to another, though I sit at my usual desk because the computer systems are better (and I get the internet)

Today, I am supposed to go and see a business. Having looked at my departments computer system, I can see these people haven’t owned the business for 18 months, and transferred it to someone else.

I made the point that as they were clearly no longer trading, there was little point in going there.

Right? Making sense so far?

Er no. Apparently I should still go, so they can update their records if they’re no longer trading. But we HAVE records – they’ve signed them, it’s all finalised!! WHat more do you want? What could possibly be gained by me knocking on someones door 18 months after they ceasd to trade and asking them about their sodding business? Arghhhh!!!!!

Stupid stupid stupid stupid STUPID!!!!

And no, dear taxpayers, this will not be a waste of your money, it will be a waste of £5 of mine….what an utter pain in the arse!


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