Girly Night

Posted: October 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

Went out on a girly night last night with Grace, Kel and Rich (he was an honorary girl for the night)

It was muchly entertaining. First up was drink in the Bear, where Lee got extemely excited by the idea of the Wildside Festival. He wants to come, so Fairy, is there floorspace for an old glammy/punk?

Then off to the Rose for Corky’s. I wimped out on the grounds it was too sweet and never sits well with JD…. Me and Rich had normal shots and had a good laugh chav-watching. There really were some horrors out there!

Then to the Hob to meet up with Alice and Steve. Music played was somewhat impressive, with Crue, Velvet Revolver, GnR, AC/DC, Metallica…etc etc. Wish they played that at Esquires!!!!!

SPeaking of that, that’s where we ended up. Paul and Lorrie turned up after the Exploited gig, and were happily sloshed, closely followed by an extremely battered Grat and Jo, who claims she’s met me before but embarrassingly, I can’t remember.

To spare blushes, I won’t mention who said/did the following;

Walked up to someone, said, ‘you’re fucking great, you are’, then when asked how great, promptly fell to their knees…..

Stomped up to someone in a total mardy fit and said ‘what the fuck did you mean by that text?’…

The attached person who said that sometimes, being single is better…..

The person who announced the easiest way to pull blokes seemed to be pouring alcohol down their necks……

The shameless hussy who deliberately shoved some blokes face into her cleavage…

The tarty lady who undid a blokes shirt in the club and found some spurious reason to stroke his chest…

The naughty lady encouraging people to send inflammatory texts…

The naughty person buying doubles to get people pissed ‘because it’s fucking funny and I want to see x fall over’

And in case you’re wondering, no, they’re not all me!!! But can you guess which ones are?

This morning, I feel better than I should. Just dropped Rich back home, and I’m gonna have a bath before going back to Kels, going to Bear cos it’s the landlords birthday. Can only do an hour though, as I’ve got to give someone a lift home cos I’m babysitting their car for a day or so.


This was the entry I made a year ago today…….

Just so you know

Me and

are no more.

He decided he wanted a life with children, and found someone who had them.

I don’t and have never wanted them, and have never made a secret of the fact.

No further explanations necessary, I’ll let him explain.

Do not be alarmed if you see me in Whitby looking like a real Misery Goth TM.


Current Mood: numb

Fucking amazing. And an extremely belated thank you to everyone who commented at the time and who has supported me since. How much can change in a year.


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