Ho hum

Posted: October 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

I hate the whole rollercoaster thing. I am normally relatively stable, laid back and objective. Actually I am still very objective, I am just over analysing.

I should stop that – it’s rubbish. I should just shill out and enjoy myself and stop fretting over silly little things, but I can’t.

Yesterday I had a normal amount of confidence, I almost felt good about myself, but now I just feel a bit rubbish again.

Any of you see me in Whitby, please stroke my ego (but only say nice things if ya mean them….)

Off now for mad hecticness. This evening, I have to pack, dye hair, instruct on animal feeding, find the spare keys, clean up, wash some stuff, visit my mates who are back from the States, avoid Hatfield and Broccoli Man, get petrol, empty fridge of noxious foodstuffs, chocolate stalkage and probably a hundred other things I can’t think of.

Best get home then…..


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