Whew another weekend then….

Posted: November 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

Started off well. Went swimming with Susie – been far too long since we went to the gym, but was nice to have a swim, sauna, coffee and gossip. Went to pick up Angel from the vet – she’ll be on meds for the rest of her life but they seemed to think she’s be OK.

Got plasticked up for Esquires on Friday night. It was quiet, but Pete actually played some good tunes. Ended up in a foul mood, slapped Andy ;), sent incendiary texts and generally behaved badly.

Work OK on Saturday, but still feeling antisocial. Evening spent watching Serenity and Saw 1 and 2, and eating a KFC bargain bucket. And NO ALCOHOL!

Checked phone this morning to find possibly the funniest text ever from Ed and a jammy one from Kelly.

Spent most of the afternoon playing Monkey Ball with Ian, Laura and Grat, which was entertaining. Now awaiting a possible temporary lodger, and a trip to the supermarket as I have no food!

Looks like I’m off to see Saw 3 tomorrow night with the above mentioned crew, as I chickened out last week!

And just fed the cats, and Angel came to feed, which has made me extremely happy.

Now then, time to go…….


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