*bangs head repeatedly*

Posted: November 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

And not because I’m listening to metal……

Hi, my name’s Beklet and I’m an emotional fucktard.

Been asking a few male friends what their impressions of me are.

Answers ranged from ‘unapproachable’ to ‘unapproachable’


Oh, hang on – got a ‘scary’ too.

That’s all right then……

OK. Asked two people to elaborate. My argument to one of them being, ‘If I’m so damn unapproachable, why do you feel you can talk to me about anything?’

He’s going to get back to me on that one. His basic explanation was that I am approachable as a friend, but not in a ‘relationship’ sense, because I push people away, or give the impression I don’t ‘need’ anyone. And most blokes like to feel needed.

Fair enough. There’s also the ‘hide ya feelings so they can’t hurt ya’ thing, I suppose.

Either that or I’m so fucking awful no-one would touch me with a bargepole……..

T’other one ‘can’t put his finger on it….’

Ho hum.

Telly has blown up (twice, today), as did the PC (but that’s obviously working now) Reading for me then, or I may finally have a go at decorating again – sooner I decorate, the sooner I can put the heaters back on the bedroom wall!


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