Yet again – rantage

Posted: November 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Today, I am angry. Supremely angry. Could be hormonal, or it could be a cumulation of things. It’s likely to be a bit of both.

I consider myself quite a nice person – I’m good to my friends, and often tolerant of people I don’t know who might seem a bit odd to other people.

OK, I’m feeling a bit crap.

Went out Monday to watch fireworks, and of the six of us there, I knew one, and I’d met another one briefly. Twice. I just got the feeling they really didn’t like me at all. No reason, no explanation, but comfortable I wasn’t.

There seems to be some misconception I don’t care. Well I do. I’m feeling unhappy because I’m being ignored and without explanation. I’m sure it’s all a storm in a teacup but as an emotional vegetable (TM), sometimes even I need reassurance.

Ho hum.

Maybe this will kick my arse into doing what I should be doing – staying in and redecorating and tidying, cooking cheap stew to live off and reading my outstanding books, only venturing out to work and the gym, and the occasional drink down the pub.

I’ll be bored within a week.

Think it’s time to put the Evilbex mask back on and bollocks to the lot of them. I’ve tried being nice and people took the piss. I know who to be nice to now, and they deserve it. Everyone else can just fucking watch out. I’ll not put up with this shit. If there’s a problem, tell me just don’t be so fucking ignorant. And any complaints to others that I’m being rude, will be met by a sound tongue-lashing.

You have been warned.


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