Posted: November 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

Yes, it’s true.

Yesterday, I was being completely Up Myself.

I realised this after a bout of remote chocolate stalkage, a visit to the gym and some yummy home made food. I now feel a bit better and less of a retard.

I am now officially on Student Diet (TM), but without the alcohol 😉 I went to Sainsbury’s last night and spent the princely sum of £6.30 on onions, carrots, spuds, milk, cream, bread flour, sr flour and cheese. Stodge on!

Speedfreaks next weekend – finishes every day at 5am – including Monday – erk! Was gonna drive there and back but Monday may be scary! May ask Mr G for a lift up Friday morning, and come back on communal bus with everyone else. Heh heh.

My phone makes a kick arse walkman, but as my PC has gone bang again (either the PC or telly keeps fusing – it’s very annoying), I can’t put anythingelse on it! ANyone know anything about electrics? BEst dig out the old Readers Digest manual…..


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