Posted: November 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

Seems I was wrong. I am still completely Up Myself.

Went to see Wonderstuff last night and it was an excellent gig, but it was overshadowed by my total fuckwittery and grumpiness. ANd the fact I am ever so slightly stressed out. And why am I stressed out?

My job. I still have one. For now. Over the next 5 years, we’re getting shot of 17500 people. Out of about 80000. That’s a hefty chunk. Offices are closing. Basically, if my job stays (and to be honest, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t – my area is grossly understaffed anyway), I may have to work from Stevenage or Milton Keynes. MK is favourite here. I just have to sit tight and not move work areas. No promotions in my area so I’m stuck in this grade for 3 years at least.

My house. Have to apply for the mortgage to be in my name. So I have to find a solicitor. Then I have to hope the bank agrees it. Then I have to somehow find at least half of the £260 fee plus solicitors fees for changing it. It also has an electrical problem. Either the TV or PC fuses all the time. Currently, my PC is dead. WHen I fix that, the TV will go bang. After the Sky box incident round a friends’ the other week, I believe I should be kept away from all electronic items.

My car(s). One out of tax and MOT – cheaper to get through MOT but been broken into repeatedly and now has bent doors, broken lock, missing wing mirror and big holes in the boot and door. Also needs new brakes and a carb overhaul.
THe other one is more mechanically sound, but in need of new brakes, trim and the rust holes look to be more structural. And the steering is too light. Have a possible offer of another car (and it’s a classic rear wheel drive Ford too – yay!)which is thirsty, but will have a full MOT on it for £400 and a modded carb which makes it go like shit off a shovel……

My money. I have none. Having to find cash for car, petrol, Speedfreaks, banks, food, cat medication, bills etc etc etc. Hard work.

And MBNA have sent me a rude letter saying they’ll refund me £100 of my charges as a goodwill gesture, and they don’t know where I got my figure of £245 for the charges from. That’ll be in the letter they sent me, listing all my charges since 2000 then…….twats. Will be contesting that one, I think. If I hear nothing from Smile or Natwest by Monday, I will be sending nastier letters. That £1600 would really help me right now.

OK, is that enough to be stressed about?

I won’t even go into the mad mother, heavy workload, lack of motivation, men angst or friend trauma because compared to everything else, it’s barely an issue…..

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