Normal service resumed

Posted: November 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

I’m not up myself any more.

The PMT has gone and I’m all normal again. Yay.

That’s a relief.

If my travel claim hasn’t gone in I’m stuffed, and can’t get to work tomorrow. Eek. Also means I can’t get out tonight and the cats starve over the weekend.

Was disgustingly productive last night – cooked a huge batch of bolognese and bean and tomato soup which should last a few days. Unfortunately Asda veggie mince not that great – Quorn much better (I’m too poor to afford real meat), I’ll just add cheese or something…..

Also made more bread and some cakes. And had a lovely hot bath. And then texted the pics to someone who has no bath. Cruel? Nah……..

And I may be getting a new car. Did I mention that? Classic Ford rear wheel drive goodness 😀

Thirsty, and with the aerodynamics of your average house but fast as fuck and OLD. Nice to go back to suffix number plates……


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