Bits and pieces.

Posted: November 22, 2006 in Uncategorized

Yet again can’t cut because I’m at work and my home PC is dead…..

Found a box of pills in the bathroom the other day. 5 months worth, in fact. After last months horrific PMT and truly appalling spots, I’ve decided to take them for the requisite 3 months and see what happens.

If I don’t put on weight, lose my sex drive, get more spots, have worse PMT or have painful periods, I’ll stick with it. Last weeks total show of Up Myselfness was truly grim.

I drove a Cortina last night and I’m well and truly hooked. It rocked. Easier to drive and more stable than the Golf (yes, really!), and it just seemed more ‘me’. Not as ‘me’ as a V8 Scort but a damn good start.

Last night I went to the gym and did proper squats. I now ache but it’s a good ache. Feel much better and can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow even though I can’t swim because I’ll have freshly dyed hair.

Am currently totally and utterly in lust with someone though the feeling is somewhat unrequited. Oh there’s a surprise then.

Off to Speedfreaks on Saturday. Seems I have a lift, but there seems little point as their plans have changed. May accept it anyway.

Tonight I will mostly be dyeing my hair a ludicrous shade of red. Again? Yep…

Have 8 pomegranates as purchased from the market and I bought a big bag of salad yesterday. The next 2 days is mass ingestion of antioxidants to counteract the shocking amount of alcohol and burger abuse I will be subjecting myself to over the weekend…..

Where are my vitamin pills?


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