Are you sitting comfortably?

Posted: November 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

Then I’ll begin…..

Finished my packing Friday morning and awaited the arrival of Grattitude. He was a bit late, so rang and he’d overslept. We finally leave around 1pm for a speedy (apart from the roadworks) drive to Norfolk. My navigation skills were, as ever, excellent, and we got there a couple of hours before the first bands. Just enough time for a drink and a quick tart before going out.

Ashamed to say I didn’t really pay much attention to band names but I got grimly drunk before 8pm, got indigestion from a chicken wrap, got grumpy, went back to chalet for stuff and to wake G up for Guana Batz. Watched Guana Batz with Andy and Richie and they were fucking great! Hung around for a bit afterwards in the arcade (The Donkey Derby game is THE place to meet, dontcha know!), and managed to scare a couple of people. Got back and slept…

Next day I was rudely awoken by someone knocking on the chalet door wanting a mirror. Half an hour later, I hear someone trying the bathroom door (while I’m in it), I open it and see the front door closing and someone leaving. Odd.
Half the morning spent with me and Kel dramatically improving Grat’s street cred by joining him on the sofa bed for tea and crisps. And yes, there are photos – Loretta was somewhat prolific with the photography! At lunchtime we figured we should go shopping and get some beer. Had to wait for food, so finally got breakfast at 2.30pm – Just in time after that to see the Corsairs, who are an excellent covers band – the cover of Led Zep’s Rock n Roll was inspired! Unfortunately their last cover was I PRedict a Bloody Riot which I am heartily sick of, but still a good band nonetheless. Went back for ludicrous tarting – I managed tight PVC, corsetry, cleavage, stockings and boots all in one outfit! Kel did the Boot in the Back assistance…. Again, rubbish with band names, but particularly remember and was impressed by Batmobile, who did an excellent psychobilly cover of Ace of Spades. As I was watching the band, I missed the glitter fest at the table, in which Grace covered everyone in glitter spray. Phew. Bateley spent the evening asking if I’d pulled, and my Challenge of the Day was to be nice to G. Got back to chalet for decorseting (so I caould eat) – then to bed at about 4am….

Sunday woke up at 8 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Me and Kel and Lorrie were up but knackered, and I was playing fart tennis by myself. Grat hadn’t slept at all and had to drive back for work. He got increasingly annoyed by our giggling. And possibly by the ‘vegetarian’ comment… We offered him the bed but he got up and drove home. Oops. He’d cheered up after he got home and slept….
Went shopping and bought a couple of bits, then Kel spotted The Dress. In a fit of girliness, Lorrie and Kel marched me to the loo to try it on, then demanded I buy it. So I did. That night, my cleavage was even more offensive than usual….
Pike and Susie turned up, there are scary photos. We ate Southern Fried Husk and chatted to a man who has no navel, though he has a cool spider tattoo instead. Also chatted to a man who was wearing alarming orange lycra pants and 20 year old boxer shorts. Me and Pike had a drunken racing game, and we drove the Mk 1 Escorts badly before going to see King Kurt. They were excellent but by this time I was so tired I could barely stand! Left shortly after, to be awoken by Lorrie at 3am and Kel at 5.30 am. Up at 9 to pack and leave, and we went to Yarmouth on the way back for food and to buy tat. Food was good, comedy vom man was good , but the journey back was tiring! Had to borrow a quid for my drink in the cafe, went to cash machine later ‘for a laugh’, and found £350 appeared to have been deposited for no apparent reason!

We dropped some people off, but had to get the van back by 6. Got to the hire place by 5.55 and had to ring Criz to bring my car he’d borrowed. Finally got in the car, delivered Rich and Matt and their luggage, my luggage and Criz, then I went to see Pike and Susie for curry. Propositioned G, drove home, crawled into bed at about 11 and slept.

All in all a top weekend. Far more intense than Whitby, but better value- £80 pays for your accommodation for 3 nights and the bands – bands started 6pm – 1am Friday, and 12 noon- 1am the other two nights – and the bar is open till 5am….. And they turn a blind eye to ya taking your own drink in……

Definitely going next year! Sad I couldn’t afford a t-shirt, but I’ll see if I can buy one online.

And some good things happened today. The mystery deposit in my account was Smile paying back £380 of bank charges which was my claim minus a refund I had in July, my mortgage is deferred this month so I can afford a car (I’ve been offered a Golf as well as the ‘Tina but I know what I’d prefer……), and I got a letter when I arrived at work to tell me I’d got a bonus for my work with the Dark Side…

*waits for it all to come crashing down*

Today I will meet Grace at the pub to give her stuff she left on the bus – await emails from Andy and Pnut about pretty cars and maybe buy a new watch. And pick up Anglels meds from the vet….

Busy week this – On a course Weds and Thurs, bleaching and dyeing Susies hair Thurs night, off to Costco for much cheapness and ‘stuff’ with Lucy on Friday….

I might sleep at some point….


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