Yuletide horrors

Posted: December 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

The Shopping Of Doom.

Started in earnest on Sunday. Managed to get pressies for all but 2 on my list, and for one I’m having second thoughts about. All but 2 of these people, I have never ever bought presents for, so this could be interesting……

Have to go to a staff meeting so will get a couple of last minute bits and the wrapping paper too. Oh,and cards. Eurgh.

Went to H&B yesterday and took advantage of their BOGOF and bought high strength vitamins and minerals and agnus castus. Also ordered a veg box and some fruit because I’m convinced my general sluggishness and crap skin is hardly helped by living on junk food.

Things I absolutely have to do this week (but seem to have no time because I have to do stuff like go to staff meetings 25 miles away);

– Clean kitchen and bathroom

– Do a meal plan based on food I have in

– Stick to meal plan

– Write out that sodding gym programme

– Get to said gym at least twice

– send off cheque for Speedfreaks t-shirt

Decisions have been made. For better or for worse.

I must get myself to a clinic to see about getting myself neutered. Have had no obvious side effects from the pill as yet, but two thirds of the way through the first packet, and I am already a day behind. Argh. Easier just to get the snip and only have to worry about the more socially unacceptable STDs…..

To a friend – I take peoples remarks at face value. If there is some underlying meaning I haven’t ‘got’, I’m sorry, but I can’t second-guess every comment you make. Stop hiding behind your walls and hoping I’ll find you. Just say what you mean, good or bad. I hate misunderstandings, and I hate the fact you’re probably doing it because you think I’ll spot your weakness and use it against you. Thanks for trusting me, hey?

There’s also a couple of people I will be avoiding in future. Mostly because either I don’t like them, or they are toxic. Stirring is not big or clever, neither is embellishing a comment I made to mean something completely different.

December is rubbish and I hate it. I just want to go home and hide. Ugh.


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