More inane ramblings.

Posted: December 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

Been a busy weekend. How do I start?

Friday – went to Susie’s with Kel for food and truffle making. It went a bit surreal and the truffles were a bit rich – that’ll be what happens when ya use G&B 72% choc in ’em then! Talked about films and ‘stuff’ and my involuntary ‘vegan’ status, much to Pikes disgust and amusement.

Work on Saturday was hectic, but I managed a lunch break at some point. Got myself some H’Suan Wen Hua as my hair is a bit uncared for – watch it strip the red from my hair……. Went to pub in the evening, met Kel and Lyn and Becky and some ropey bloke who kept interrupting our conversation. We were having a girlie night, and he kept getting the arse at our conversation about boys, men and whether we could get a group discount if we all went in for sterilisation, or if the local vet could spay us on the cheap…..
It got rid of him in the end though! Had A Chat with Kel. It started with her telling me to stop being wet, and ended with her agreeing with me. Hurrah. Now all I have to do is some serious pinning down and explaining. Unfortunately, said pinee is as hard to pin down as gravy……

Went to Esquires, which was redeemed by a good crowd being there and Pete actually playing a couple of songs we liked!

This morning, got up, went to St Neots with Kel to meet her family. They were quite fun – about as mental as my own. The reciprocal agreement is that she meets Mother. Mother of the suppositories and worming tablets. Muahahahaha!!!!!

I have just listed all the food in my cupboards and am about to do a meal plan. Oooh, organised!!!!!
Then a bath.
Then bed.

Wanted to upload pics onto my PC but my data cable from the phone doesn’t seem to work. Hmmm. How annoying. Texted Grat the IT guru, but he doesn’t know either, and my screen has gone all green. Happened when I removed the side panel. Oh fucking joy.

Think I’ll go and do something productive….


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