Posted: December 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Today, I am spectacularly pissed off. But we’ll start from the beginning.

Went to the clinic the other day, to ask about being neutered. The nurse you see first told me they’d say I was too young.


I’m nearly 33! Jesus….. As it happens, she sympathised with every argument I had, but said there wasn’t much funding and sterilisation wasn’t a priority for the NHS. She wrote up my notes, saying I had tried the main non permanent methods – IUD, Depo etc, and sent me in to the doctor.

She didn’t tell me I was too young, and I got a bit of bingo – ‘it’s so sad when you see all these lonely old women on their own with no family – most of them are like that because their husbands were killed in the war and they never remarried and had children’ – my reply was that you can’t just have kids so you’re not lonely in your old age. She certainly didn’t tell me I shouldn’t go for it, in fact she said she was sure I could make a good case, but the problem is funding. She’s a GP in Luton, and they have run out of funding already – they’re doing no more vasectomies this financial year……

So the upshot is I have to go to my GP and ask for a referral. Is it rude to specify a childfree GP when I ring for the appointment? Heh heh.

Ah yes. Recall my post at the beginning of the month, where I got a bonus and my bank charges back, and I was wondering when it would all come crashing down?


Hello, I’m skint. Completely brassic. This week I have to do 2 works dinners (1 is paid for, thankfully), buy a car, pay mate for lift to get car, petrol to get car back, council tax (2 months worth), bank charges and a couple of other things. All by Sunday. As it happens, I can get just enough cash to cover these, but not till next Friday. Helpful. Admittedly, it’s not looking as awful as it was last night, but I have a choice between getting the money out, getting more overdrawn and charged, and a nasty letter from the council, and borrowing money from a friend. Unfortunately they’re all pretty skint too, so that’s not gonna happen……..

What’s irritating is that I haven’t been exactly lavish – I spent my bonus on Christmas shopping. Oh, and I bought myself a watch – half price mind…….

Last night I went to the Drunk In Public gig at Esquires. Despite the fact I was in the Mood From Hell, the gig was really rather excellent, and so was the company. Afterwards, went to the after show party downstairs, where I spent the time with a JD and face like a slapped arse. Was reprimanded by Kel and told to ‘stop brooding!’
Had a massive rant at Anne (not directed at her I might add), and Kel, and cheered up a bit. Went home about 2. As I had to be up for work decided kipping on the sofa would give me a vague chance of getting up in the morning, so that’s what I did.

Today I have to have The Chat. Kelly has told me I must, though the mood I’m in today, another kick in the teeth is not what I’m wanting at all. I’ve had enough this week. One more thing and I’ll be shutting myself in and talking to the cats and decrying everyone as evil scum or something. The last thing I need is some bloke farting about who can’t give me a straight answer and will spend all the time avoiding the issue. Place your bets on whether I lose my temper, burst into tears or both?

With my confidence at an all time low, all I need is any grief from anyone, at any point at all today.

Did I mention I was spotty and putting on weight?



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