I’m a dick

Posted: December 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

Had stew for breakfast. Nice, if slightly bitter. Might need to add something to it later.

Not going to the works Christmas dinner because I’m a miserable and unsociable bastard, I can’t be arsed, I can’t justify the cost and I have too much work to do.

Gonna check the bank later. If I don’t have enough car cash, I’m stuffed. Might need to borrow some till payday (next Friday), but have no idea who from.

Still feeling like poo. I am a spineless wimp. This is not good. I need a good kicking. Wanna o out tonight and have some fun but I suspect no-one will be out. Boo.

Still need to have The Chat, but judging by last night, I probably know how it would go.

In the words of the Swampling…….

‘Hello Frieeeeeeeeend!’

Now to check the bank account and get even more pissed off.

Bored now. Can I have something good happen please?


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