Flesh willing, purse weak….

Posted: December 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

Christ, I hope that cash is in tomorrow! Will pay Susie back half of what I owe her. Would pay all of it but I need car bits! Then I can play with my new toy!

Pay claim went in late – hope I get paid on Friday – I have Christmas to survive!!! Argh!

Today I drove to Watford, which was rubbish. So tired I flaked out when I got back at about 3pm…. Had a look in the car cupboard – found antifreeze and gearbox oil, but no engine oil or actual brake fluid. No 13mm spanner either. Figured the ultimate Classic Ford toolkit is a 13mm spanner, a screwdriver, hammer, torch and oily rag 😉 Did find a Classic Ford sticker though – yay!

Have to work out where to put the stereo – glovebox looking favourite – the original one looks so cool, and no-one’s likely to pinch it……famous last words….. There’s an odd  red light thing on the dash – dunno what that’s about….

Just made myself a proper jacket spud – in the oven, dripping with butter and a bit of cheese – yum! Forgot how good they taste!!!!!

Tomorrow I get to drive to Northampton to get my laptop rebuilt. Oh, happy day.  Not.

I’m really tired, and I need a bath. Zzzzzzz

Not in too bad a mood at the moment, but then I have a car to occupy me. Or I will do soon…and Halfords are doing those huge toolboxes cheap….£50 for a big red shiny box…hehehehehe!!!!

Might go and watch a bit of telly. Wow, I’m so exciting!!!!!!


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