My weekend……

Posted: December 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

Friday. I did fuck all.

Saturday. Went to work, was ludicrously busy. After work, went to the works do, ate too much Italian food (it just doesn not agree with me at all!), went to pub, went to Soundhaus. Danced to cheesy 80s goodness and a bit of metal. Remembered why I hate dancing there. People are either space invaders, and just barge you all the time, or they stand in the middle of the dancefloor, chatting. IT’S A FUCKING DANCEFLOOR!!! MOVE!!!!!!! Otherwise, was a pretty good night. Made a change from Bedford, anyway. Gave Rachel a lift home, then had to try and navigate my way around Northampton/Abingdon. Erk. I’m rubbish at Northampton…..

After getting home at around 3am, I kipped briefly on the sofa, then got ready for a drive down to Andover. Pike and Susie took me down there. We met Andy, his mum brought out the embarrassing photos, we went to look at pretty cars and engines and stuff, then went for a drive down to Alton to look at my baby. Arrived at an MOT station/garage/scrapyard. While we were waiting, watched a couple of the lads banger racing some of the scrappers in the field next door. A Clio smashed into a Rover with a lovely bang, and a huge puff of black smoke……heh heh!
Mr Cortina turned up, and after sorting out a door locking pin (hurrah for scrapyards – there were a couple more in there to pinch bits from), and some WD40 on the petrol cap, and we were due to go.

Susie came back with me, for the ride. Completely burnt my mouth on Little Chef lasagne. Drove all the way home with my fog lights on (wondered what the big orange light was), then went for tea and mince pies to Pikes.

That drive was bloody tiring! 120 miles in an unfamiliar car, in the dark, on a busy but very boring road!!!! Didn’t take me long to get to sleep last night……

My car is fucking great. No power steering, electric windows, ABS, traction control, rear wipers, faff, nonsense or pointless shit. It even has the original radio – LW and MW only…….nice.
What is does have, is a sunroof, a drink problem, a tendency to wander off to the left and fog up and clear of its own free will. It also has a Mk3 Granada engine and gearbox, a cracked indicator lens and a tasteful 80s two-tone paint job. It’s the size of a house with about the same aerodynamics, and it has bags of attitude and I fucking LOVE IT!!!!!

Heh heh heh.


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