Posted: December 26, 2006 in Uncategorized

I just typed a fucking great long post on here and it deleted itself. How FUCKING irritating!

Anyway, I did the following, at some point last week, in no particular order;

Took part in ‘Blind Man’s Boob’

Groped my husband, two wives, granddad, step-daughter and dirty uncle, and was groped in return (well, it WAS Irthlingborough….)

Molested Maggie Thatcher

Ate McBreakfast

Ate roast duck

Ate my words

Didn’t drink enough at all

Got the Headache From Hell

Lost my rag and was incredibly rude

Got forgiven

Received a shoulder massage

Got a knife for Christmas

And a Ford Toolbox (consisting of pliers, WD40, 13mm spanner and emergency JD…..;))

Had use of a furry hot water bottle for a night 😀

Watched the new Zelda game and want it

Rubbed Paul’s plastic

Vegged under a blanket

Caught the lurgy

Got nearly halfway through the book I was supposed to finish. Oops.

Tomorrow I may be helping remove a Mitsubishi engine or I will be tidying up. Thursday, my part should be here, and Susie will be round with a jack and axle stands. Might do an oil change while I’m at it – the car is currently running on tar……

Friday is my birthday, and I will be taxing the car, and possibly treating myself to a book. May be going to a pub for lunch, if I can rope someone into it, then in the evening, I will be going to Esquires to see New Groove Formation, whoever they are….

New Years Eve may well be spent in Kettering…..

Now, back to my book……………..


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