Bricks and the shitting of

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

Mother turned up yesterday. This is the Mother of the worming tablets, suppositories and Primula cheese spread. I had no warning, no idea. I had to hide away all evening. The police finally went out about midnight. She was nice to them. They could do nothing.

So now I’m out of my house, with friends having to go in to feed the animals, and me sleeping on sofas until she goes away. That’s assuming she doesn’t find the office. Then I’m stuffed.

I currently have no car on the road, no money and I need desperately to sort my financial situation. It’s just not funny. Had about an hour and a halfs kip last night – added to the general stress I feel like a complete zombie today. Want my boss to come in so he knows what’s going on, but I know I’ll blub like a baby and make a total tit of myself. 



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