Car joy

Posted: January 9, 2007 in Uncategorized


Rang the garage yesterday – car had been done so went to pick it up – got on the bus with Steve, who was getting off at the same stop as me, so I managed not to get lost wandering round the industrial estate!

Brakes all sorted, so the evening saw me wandering round Tesco with a stupid grin on my face! After the horror of doing the monthly shop (with a grin on my face), I went for a bit of overt choc stalkage and a cup of char round Pikes.

And this afternoon, I am FINALLY getting to the gym. In the first week of January. Will be full of newbies and smarmy salespeople – eurgh! And I can’t swim because I will dye the pool pink…. maybe next week!

Still no idea where Mother is, though if all else fails, I’ve been advised to see MY doctor – his priority is my health after all, and my mother is detrimental to that.

Still not enough hours in the day. Found nice shoes in New Look for a tenner – they’re a 3 so unlikely many people will be able to wear them – do I snap them up now, or risk waiting until they get desperate and flog them for a fiver?


Tried to eat porridge for breakfast today. I’ve never been a big fan – managed around a third of it – hopefully will get to a whole bowl by the end of the week….


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