The obligatory weekend muttering

Posted: January 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

Social Stuff – Went to Soundy on Saturday – was a good laugh, there was a large Bedford contingent there, made even larger by 

and friends turning up from Luton as the Coven had a water leak or something. Gav actually played decent music – more trad and industrial and an almost complete lack of EBM. So much so, that I actually only ventured into the Rock room once! (And it was emo bollocks). I wore stilettoes, and managed to last all night! Admittedly by 1.30am I was in a lot of pain, and only standing/dancing when necessary, but I’m proud of the fact I danced all night AND wasn’t particularly pissed! Met 

who was lovely, and wearing a cool skirt, think I saw 

but too shy to say anything, said hello to 

as he turned up. Chatted to 

about PVC and puncture repair kits, had a hat trick of Exes (not me – the group!) Was a bit scary on the way back, what with Pike wanting to be sick, but he managed to get home!

Yesterday was spent splodging Kurust and primer on the rusty bits of mine and Kels car, looking for the thermostat and eating Chinese, watching DVDs with Kel and Grat and being a Mardy Bint (TM). Also had surprise flogging of Golf moment which means one less car to scrap and petrol money for the rest of the month!!!!

This morning spent trying to sort my finances and working out a budget. Think I’m about sorted, but no treats for me for ever….. Bought a couple of books – Big Babies and Not Buying It, in the hope it stops me spending money. Set up standing orders for credit cards, cancelled some car insurance and PPI, saving £35 a month. Hurrah. Next stop NTL.

Got a phone call this morning to say Mother is safe and well at home and hasn’t lost her flat. Big Load Off Mind. Yay.
Currently being a Mardy Bint because there was no furry hot water bottle yesterday. Bah.


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