Long and probably unexciting

Posted: January 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

Did well at the gym again – 4 times again, though 2 of them were in the hotel. Not a bad hotel actually – the food was a bit iffy but the gym and pool more than made up for it.
This week I will be a scabby cow – crossing a picket line to get to a training course, and sampling the delights of the Novotel….

Forest lost 3-0 – not entirely unexpected, but disappointing all the same.

Weekend not especially thrilling. Went to pub for a couple of drinks on Friday – mostly to catch up with Kel, and say hi to Grace before her birthday, and ended up having a good old chinwag with Pnut.

Saturday night, had choice of many joys – a ska gig in Bedford, pub to celebrate Grace’s birthday and catch up with Andy, or Hat Factory with Kel and the Gobbeys to see Hotwired and say hi to Simon. As tempting as Luton was, I’d arranged a film night with Paula and Darren, so pizza and zombies it was! Undead rocks. Australian and New Zealand films are great – same mental sense of humour as us….

Yesterday I did bugger all really

This week I will mostly beavoiding everyone as I’m having one of ‘those’ moments. The real reason is that I can feel a massive shitstorm coming on, and I figured I’ll keep out of the way. That and the fact someone is really winding me up at the moment, and it’s best I keep away for now, or else I’ll end up starting it….

Oh and there’s no change with my brakes. Even after spending £207. Grrrr.


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