Looking up (for now)

Posted: February 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, the end of the week was infinitely better than the middle of it.

Friday was possibly the worst day I’ve had for a while! After car trauma,  snotty notes from the boss and general misery, I got myself sorted and went to Classic Rock night. Depite being in a foul mood, the glam and cheese cheered me up enough to at least interact socially. Was nice to see James out, chatted to a few others who were there, and actually had a pretty good time. Lucy gave me a lift home at 2am as I had work in the morning…

5.30 am, and I’m wishing;
a – it wasnt so bloody cold
b – I’d drunk ater the night before
c – I’d eaten more than a couple of digestives……
I felt better byt he time I got to work and a dose of McHangover Food cured me. Work fun, went for a drink with Rachel after work where I promptly had a shitfit at the barman because the J20 substitute he served me was sugar free and I had to go back and order fruit juice….
Got to Claires, and saw her somewhat cool new house before partaking of a yummy (but hot) mango curry and ranting. A lot.
Glam night was excellent, as ever, and the band were good. I think. They looked good anyway! Lots of hair and naked chests…..*drool* Despite the fact I was extremely tired, I lasted all night, so was proud. Only slight downer was the somewhat unpleasant dream I had last night, but I felt OK when I got up this morning, so that’s good.
Had a Wimpy on the way back. Haven’t had a beanburger for years, but they taste the same – even felt healthy  – it came in a brown bun!!!
Got back and Kel trimmed my hair, so now I have less dry ends than before – yay!
Just got home. Plan was to dye hair but I don’t think it’s bright enough and it says will not cause a dramatic change……
Instead will have a nice bath, fuss the cats and watch Top Gear. And have that massive jacket spud that’s in the fridge….

Ok, had spud and bath, watched Top Gear so I’m off for an early night with my book. Not my ideal choice, but I need that beauty sleep in a big way!!!!

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