Oh arse

Posted: February 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

Went to gym last night – had a really good session – I suspect walking may be a problem later though!

That broken bit of tooth has finally given up the ghost so I have to suck it up and pay for a crown. No idea how I’m going to manage that, unless I can find the last credit card cheque at the special rate…..eek!

Dammit! Was all sorted too.

And my dentist is on holiday, and the emergency dentist is off today. So I have to put up with this till Monday. Argh.

My PC at home has gone all wrong and will no longer recognise my hard drives, despite the fact the recovery disc is in the machine!!!! Fairy, I need to beg Dominic to help me get Linux back on my machine! Starting with advice on which is the best one to get…… He will get Razorantium and Green & Blacks for his pains……(and eternal gratitude) 😉

Truly had enough of Microshaft.

Have had another ‘moment’. After a conversation with Grat the other day, I realised I was spending a fortune on bills for my flat yet rarely spent time there and it just isn’t tidy. Need to spend more time there. Cleaning it up and sorting it out is the first step. Once it’s done, I can enjoy it. Any suggestions on motivating myself would be great. Hoping there are reruns of How Clean Is Your House? on telly. Might read the book. I need help!!!!

Oh, and bollocks to the lot of them!


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