Posted: February 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

I appear to have caught Whitbyitis.

The last two have been a bit of an anticlimax – the first was my first as a singleton and it was good, but a bit strange – the last was very quiet, for me. Both times I had no ticket, and last time was alone much of the time. Was nice to see a friendly face when I drove back.

This time I’ve suddenly started to look forward to it. I think I’d better get a ticket though – the bands look good this year and Rome Burns will not be impressed if I miss them (and neither will I)

So much so, all my music has ‘gone a bit goff’ on my MySpazz profile, in fact there’s some EBM which is slightly scary. Better stock up on eyeliner and repair the PVC. And find a proper bra to wear with my corset….

Now where are my fucking dreads?????

In other news….


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