Yet another riveting weekend

Posted: March 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m getting quite good at this doing bugger-all lark.

Friday night wasn’t classic rock night so I went to see 

and ate yummy home made won ton soup. Was a bit unnerved by the fish balls, but they weren’t too traumatic. Had a good chat, lolled on the bean bag, and decided I wanted a six and a half foot beanbag instead of a sofa….

Saturday was work then an horrific trip to Tesco. The decision whether to shoot myself or turn the gun on all the irritating fuckers and their spawn was marred only by the fact I had no gun. After that, I slobbed aroud and did nowt. It was great.

Sunday I decided to break

‘s IKEA virginity, and I went to lok at stuff and get loads of ideas. Despite the amount ofpeople there, it wasn’t too awful! After theat, went to see Pike and Susie, hear about their day, eat Chinese, watch films, chatted to Laura then went home.

Yesterday I had a visit in London which was uninteresting. Gutted to find out when I got home that Bravissimo was round the corner from where my visit was and I missed it! Did get red glittery eyeshadow and pink lipgloss though…  SPent the late afternoon tidying the bathroom, so now have 2 out of the 4 main rooms looking good! Read a bit more of the housekeeping book for inspiration.. Went to see Grat in the evening for more films and Chinese – had to wait a while – poor bastard got stuck behind a accident on the A1 – not good! Chinese was though, and so was the film.

Today, am back at work, and determined to get my arse to the gym tonight!


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