Hard work, shopping

Posted: March 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Managed a day out in Camden today with the lovely

. Mission (if I cahose to accept it) was to buy a bikini, some boots and if possible, a Whitby ticket.

So, Whitby ticket duly purchased, then bought a rather fetching cherry bag which is massive. Will be used as briefcase (mine was pinched from my car) and overnight bag. Wanted a small cherry top too but it cost 3 times as much as my massive bag!!!! Will look on ebay for fabric……

Bikini no problem either, but the bra I wanted just would not fit!

Boots were a nightmare, but finally found a pair with heels (oops that’s gonna hurt) and they had a size 3!!!! Yay!

Extremely happy but knackered. FInally home and gonna have a bath.


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