Not much to report

Posted: March 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

But I’m procrastinating again so here I am.

Firstly a rant. Had a text from someone the other day asking if I could sign their passport photos. Well actually, I can’t. They changed the rules. Apparently you can only sign a passport photo if you already have a passport. WTF????
What sort of bullshit logic is that? Am I less likely to be a trustworthy person because I don’t have one???

Isn’t it some form of fucked up discrimination?
If anyone can enlighten me on that one, or tell me who to complain to, please let me know.

Meanwhile, a certain person is really pissing me off. He’s making a big mistake though. Dismissing me out of hand as unimportant or insignificant is probably not the most intelligent thing you’ve ever done. Treating me like nothing because he’s ‘your’ friend won’t work. He’s my friend too. What are you, jealous or something?
Maybe if you stopped being such an objectionable twat and a compulsive liar, you might have somewhere to live. You might even have some friends. Looks like you’ll have none by the end of the month.

Have to keep my trap shut because I don’t want to lose said friend, but I can imagine all sorts of lies will be said about me anyway.

Going out on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing bands and getting out, but also not. Dunno why but I just don’t want to deal with people at all. Last night was the first night I’ve had in for a while.I didn’t do anything at all, but it was nice to just slob.


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