I almost feel virtuous

Posted: March 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

I tidied up the living room yesterday. Took me all sodding day, what with this cold and all.

Bad enough having to sneeze every 2 minutes, but as soon as I started disturbing dust and cat hair it all went horribly wrong! Dyson seems to have something terminal too, which is annoying me!

Now I’ve done that, I can’t put the bedroom off much longer!

Picking up weights tomorrow so when I don’t have a spare 3 hours to do the gym I can at least play at home.

Meanwhile Superdrug have a very odd pricing policy. Apparently it’s £5.75 for 12 Contac 400. Fair enough, but it’s £6.75 for 24……. should last me the rest of the year then!

And Mother has been in touch for the first time since herlittle visit….to send me a load of Beechams hot lemon. Shame they didn’t arrive Friday!


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