A small rant

Posted: March 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

Bastard cunting arsing pathetic, thieving scummy pikey fucking SCROTES!

Have yet AGAIN broken into my car IN A SECURE GARAGE!!!!

No damage that I can see and the SOCO will be out this afternoon. Nothing missing, so I can only conclude they were disturbed, which means they’ll have another go soon enough.

Rang the police. They were fine. Rang the housing association. They were useless as fucking usual. My housing officer isn’t there. He’s the only one who can deal with it, or actually tell me if the pissing CCTV that seems to cover all entrances to the garage is actually bloody working. You can only enter the garage with a fob, which means you actually have to live there. So the housing association is obviously harbouring criminals, and I don’t recall the door being broken at any point yesterday (another favourite time for the little cunts to have a go)

Wanky little fuckers – if I ever find out who they are I’ll hit the little turds with my car. It’s so old they’d have no idea how to drive the thing anyway – they’d soon bloody kill themselves. No ABS, no power steering, bushes gone on steering rack, rear wheel drive and a frisky back end,  70s braking system and suspension, heavy – I’d give ’em 2 miles before they rolled it/wrapped it round a lamppost.

Fucking fucking fucking…..AAARGHGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

In good news, I’m off to pick up some weights today. Maybe I can practice playing frisbee with the weights so I can lob one at a thieving pikey…….

And I’m going to the gym tonight. Will have something to take my aggression out on.

And I think I’ll look up wiring the car up so it starts giving people electric shocks if they touch it. Illegal, yes, but then so’s stealing cars.



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