I am a bad person

Posted: April 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

I was watching ‘Fat Chance’ on telly earlier (oh the joys of working at home) and it’s basically a competition between two overweight families to see which can lose the most.

In one of the families, there was one hugely obese (or at least far bigger than the rest of the family) kid. All he ate was junk and quite frankly, watching this kid stuffing  cake and stuff actually made me feel ill.

Far be it for me to bitch about lardiness (I’m hardly svelte myself) but I just couldn’t deal with  this at all. I have a real problem seeing children eat generally – it usually makes me feel slightly queasy but this was just grim!

OK I’m a freak. Tell me I’m not normal, I don’t care. It was vile.  😀

I am again monitoring food intake (as it’s a related issue). I’m sick of being a lardarse and I want to wear pretty clothes. I also want to uncover all the muscle I have lurking under the flab jacket.


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