Been socialising for once

Posted: May 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

It was an interesting weekend. Having decided that Bedford really was the shithole of the universe, and having a definite need to get the hell away from it due to general feeling shit and a massive dose of self loathing, I arranged to visit my usual bolt hole of Nottingham in order to sort my shit out.

After a few days of post-Whitby comedown, ranting, manic depressive episodes and some lovely and tolerant friends, I was definitely ready to get the hell out. In paranoid and self pity mode, I did not need people ‘looking at me funny’ in the pub. There would have been blood shed.

Friday, poor

and Lara got the brunt of it, while I got a quite spectacular (but in a loving way) character assassination from Lara. Saturday I went to work which was uneventful, and then drove to Nottingham. Got tarted up and went to the Sal, where I discovered Tiger Army were playing the Rig. Decided not to go and instead was babysat by Fraggle in the Tap, until I was collected by the lovely


for a bop at Wildside.

Clad in a very flimsy top, PVC skirt and high heels, we went to look at pretty long haired boys. And dance. Managed to pull within 10 seconds of hitting the dancefloor, but as he was remarkably drunk, he was duly ignored…. Also saw Heather and her friend who groped my dreads all night.. 😉
Was knackered by end of night and staggering home in high heels with that ‘standing on gravel and my fishnets have cut off circulation in my toes’ feeling, with a box of chicken and chips in one hand, walking down a hundred concrete steps with no handrail was a bit….interesting.

Next morning was bra trauma in Nottingham. Was intending to go to Bravissimo and get this, as I needed a low cut balconette;

Unfortunately it was that particular brand that will not fit me no matter what. After going to John Lewis, House of Fraser and TK Maxx with no joy, I was sidetracked briefly by Hotel Chocolat then decided on a last ditch attempt in Debenhams….. so I got this and matching pants;

Then went back for marvellous and very healthy barbecue with squeaky cheese and a crate of strawberries. Never been to a goth barbie before…..

has the pics and very entertaining they are too! Looks like I missed a load of fun but had to leave as I had an appointment for another character assassination. It wasn’t as bad as I was expexting and Claire – I didn’t throw a proper emo wobbler or smash the place up, I was remarkably calm and dignified, you would have been so proud! And I haven’t lost a friend so that’s good. Still felt like crap though…..

Then got the ‘get thee here now’ text about 10 mins later, which was a lovely meeting of the local sideshow, with snake spitting and money shots, Chinese Whispers and bendy knees, clunky thumbs, pig shavings, poo stories, wanton destruction, terrorising the locals and an ending of the 3 Skip monkeys, Space Raider hair art and ear cleaning. Was also rather lovely to see Liz


Today did not a lot – went to gym, a bit uneventful and through the motions, went to see

for a chat, then more socialising and drooling over ebay goodies.

It would seem I may be going to Lincoln tomorrow. If so, I will be washing clothes very early tomorrow morning….eek!


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