Hmmm indeed.

Posted: June 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Just went to see Pirates 3 with  goth_urchin.

Mmm Orlando Bloom *drool*


*drools some more*

Also, in the immortal words of Bang Tango…..

I’ve finally found the truth.

I will say no more on the subject, except if I put all the song lyrics up (assuming I could find them on the net and I can’t) I could embarrass myself in an appalling manner! And before you all get paranoid, it’s a good thing. In theory. In reality I could really fuck myself up……

How cryptic.

Having a decorating twitch because I’m bored and fed up of living in a flat which is decorated to someone elses taste. Have a few ideas in my head at the moment, but we shall see.

I think I need to resurrect a shorter and modified version of the Mardy Bints Questionnaire. Questions to be confirmed, all suggestions welcome.  I think there should be questions in there about drips, emotional fuckwits and convenient holes though.  In fact that’s probably all I need to know.

Dear Potential Mate.

1. Are you a drip?

2. Are you an emotional fuckwit?

3. Are you just after a convenient hole to use as a cum dumpster?

Answer ‘yes’ to any of the above and you can fuck off to Oxygen and pick up a random slapper for a couple of Bacardi Breezers.

Answer  ‘no’  and mine’s a Jack. Just be aware that I will NEVER breed, and I will NOT change my mind, and yes, I AM serious. Thanks. Yes, I’d like ice, but no Coke. Ta.


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