Eventful weekend…

Posted: July 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

Thanks all for the well-wishes!

As predicted, by about 10am Thursday (by which point I was sitting in the waiting room in my ‘nice’ gown and paper pants), I was a nervous wreck. This not helped by the anaesthetist who told me I’d probably be sick when I came round, feel them taking the pipe out of my throat and I’d also have a sore throat and be in pain…..thanks for that….!!!

As it happens, I woke up feeling a bit odd, with periody cramps, then went back to the ward for a cup of tea and a snooze. Was discharged at around 4pm, and waited for Susie to pick me up, at which point she fed me bangers and mash and gravy. Later was shipped off to Lara, who would be my ‘responsible adult’, and spent the next day slobbing on the sofa…..no real pain just uncomfortable cramps and a gassy feeling.

Andy came to pick me up that evening, andI just had time for a bath before going to the pub. Due to my fragile state, I figured I’d only have one or two, and possibly go home early………er……..yeah……..what actually happened was that I got totally spannered, played Agony Aunt to Andy, the anticipated disaster didn’t happen, though it was a close thing, and I was coerced by Susie into going back to Pikes for more drink. What actually happened was that I got no sleep due to the Snoring Fairy next to me, and at 7am Sat morning I had to crawl out of bed, in last nights clothes, make up, hair etc, and drive to work in someone elses car, possibly with more alcohol left in my system than was good for me. Oh yes, and my glasses were still at home…..

Long day at work followed by an evening of pizza and films, and an almost-carjacking (gotta love London Road), and no wonder I laid in till early 11 yesterday!!!!

As I can’t go to the gym for a week, I’ve gone on a cleaning binge – the kitchen is half done…..

Sorted for Supernats – yes ASDA is rubbish, but it does sell Jack Daniels in litre bottles…….

Now I just have a sore belly button (not helped by the cat standing on it all the time!) and a tiny scar near my bikini line….


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