Mental week

Posted: July 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

After a couple of days spent in Lincoln eating 3 courses for every meal and doing excellent impressions of drug runners and bible thumping nutjobs, I packed up to go camping and drool on cars…..

Friday was interesting. The night started well, but I was on Agony Cunt duty and for some reason just could not get drunk despite glasses of JD appearing at random intervals. Subsequently, I got more and more annoyed as generally, I find drunk people irritating beyond belief when I’m sober……. 

Saturday was fun. After breakfast, went on the cruise in Andy’s hearse and ate pig cob, amongst smutty spit roast jokes. Trip to Tesco’s for ice entertaining as the hearse takes up 4 spaces…… Got back and I got down to the serious business of stretching my ears. After Andy had lubed up, and shoved it in till it bled (fnar) I took over, and with lots more lube and a bit of swearing, got it all the way in……unfortunately the other hole was not so accommodating, and I gave it up as a bad job – will try again this week….
Managed a blinding job of getting twatted this time, though I managed not to be inappropriate or lechy at any point. Which is probably a first. Failed to get in the wrecking pit as I was wearing my specs, but danced a bit, had some very interesting conversations including photo shoots, corsetry, vibrators, surrogacy and boundaries.

Impressively, I was hangover free Sunday morning. Went for Breakfast with Pike, wandered around the show field and met up with loads of people. Had a complete wobble fit at lunchtime, after one too many people gave me the ‘benefit’ of their opinion. Ranted and shouted at a couple of people, then stomped off. Stomped back, stomped off again and got generally irritated. Went back to campsite, chatted to Andy for an hour, got fetchingly sunburnt down one side, and went home for a much needed bath.

Off to the cruise, where after the amount of JD consumed during the weekend, figured cider would be a better option…. chatted about cars, got to see Toms hearse, got a lift back with Granny C, and that was about it for the weekend!

Amazon tell me my books were dispatched Friday, so they should be here today!! Woo!!! Looking forward to those. ALso looking forward to the weekend. No politics, no shit, no aggro, no interference, no treading on eggshells, no scrutiny of everything I do and say it will be great.


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