Oh the irony!!!

Posted: August 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Something that amused me slightly this past weekend…

Chatting with Mr Blond about his situation…

On the first night the conversation was a lot of ‘it’s really horrible seeing someone you really want to be with, happy with someone else’

No shit……..

Third day and it was ‘I don’t think anyone else seems to get exactly how much I thought of her’


Feels pretty crappy, huh? 

Not sure if he understood the irony of the situation, but I was far too well mannered to mention it at the time…..

Meanwhile I’m still eating well and skint as hell but looking forward to a weekend of mayhem. There may be clipper action this evening. My hair still has dry ends but it’s not in immediate danger of falling out, which is good.

Interesting stockings appear to be a rare commodity in this rubbish town – bleh.


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