Posted: August 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well that was a hectic weekend!

After spending Friday in a tidying frenzy and not getting to bed till after 3am, I crawled out of bed on Saturday to get to work. Later that afternoon I drive my arse up to Nottingham and that;s where the fun starts…..

After some nice easy food (I’m a bloody zombie, remember!!!), the clippers came out and I put half of my poor abused hair out of its misery….or rather, 

did… 😀

Went off to Kreepers, which started slowly (I definitely prefer psychobilly – a lot more lively!!) but got better, but we had to leave early because it’s next to a nasty townie venue well known for fights, and a bunch of dodgy looking goths and randomly ‘alternative’ people would just have been asking for it, with our funny coloured hair and odd clothes…. Evening was ended by a huge but damn tasty chilli.

Sunday morning and 7.30am sees me staggering downstairs, ready for a lovely drive back to Bedford – 80 minutes including petrol stop, not bad for 100 miles and a 25 year old jalopy…. 😀 Got home, showered, changed and suffered the ‘fast’ train to St Pancras (an HOUR!!!!!! – takes 40 minutes normally) and finally got to Camden. Had a bit of a wander round and a drink with Andy till meeting up with the others. THey tried to force feed me JD, but failed, and we went off for food before the main event. Ended up at a nasty noodle stall talking about elastic snot and blood clots and ‘Three Breakfasts’ I managed to expose my bra, which was probably entertaining for some, and we went back to the gig. Gig was pretty good, but there was a lot of talking again, I was mostly appropriate but it was actually a really, really nice day with no grief and aggro, just lovely people I could be myself with. Same as Saturday then…..

Couldn’t do the Cruxshadows gig as I was knackered and the trains aren’t safe after 11pm. Couldn’t guarantee staying awake till 4am when the trains get safe again. Got to Bedford to find no taxis at the station, 30 minutes for a cab and two taxi firms weren’t answering. FInally got a lift home from

 and 30 seconds before he turned up, 4 cabs rolled up!!! Scumbags!

Yesterday my lovely suspender belt arrived, so I went for a bimble round Milton Keynes – bought fishnet stockings, chocolate and spent too much on face cream…..

Back to the grind now and reality – until the next time I can escape at the weekend…….


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