Posted: August 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

Another interesting weekend…

Friday I went out just for a couple of drinks and have been renamed ‘Stealth Goth’ seing as I went out wearing blue jeans…..not my fault the charity shop had no black ones…

Saturday I went to a hen night in St Neots. Haven’t been out drinking in St Neots for 10 years…now I know why! It is a veritable chavfest – the whole meat market atmosphere made Canvins look like a vegetarians paradise!!! It was still a laugh though, and in a strange way, makes you appreciate Bedford just a tiny bit!

Sunday I did not a lot – drove 25 miles to do my food shopping, because I like Morrisions and can’t remember where the nearest one is!!!! Then tidied up and did domestic stuff. Visited Lara and the full extent of my suppressed domesticity reared its ugly head when I remembered exactly how to make pastry and that it needed to rest for 30 minutes….oh dear!!! To redeem myself, I did explain the scientific reasoning behind it…. 😉

Ah, it also seems I have an admirer….can’t remember his age, but he’s quite pretty. Seems he’ll be out on Friday, so I’ll probably see him then.


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