Posted: August 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

My flat is relatively tidy. My bedroom actually has (hoovered) floor space but the rest of it will be done tonight.

Just a couple of bits to do today – washing up, washing clothes and hoovering the living room, changing the bins and cat tray…

Had a bit of a barney with LA Fitness. I have a friend on my membership who wants to quit. Spoke to the membership monkey and he said a single membership is currently £51 – pretty much what we’re paying between us. No fucking chance! He then said that they do a £30 membership but it was open to new members so I could cancel my current membership and start again, but I’d have to take another 12 month contract out. I know damn well they can just convert it, but he said no.

Altogether now, ‘Brand New Customers Only!’

Well, Mr Monkey, ‘It Doesn’t Work Like That’

How it DOES work, is that I go for a free training session at another gym later today, to train legs. The gym looks great, but I have to check I’ll be able to use stuff like the squat rack and leg press properly (I often have problems with these due to my lack of stature and most bodybuilding equipment being designed for men), as these are things there is no substitute for! If I can, I sign up there. Yes, it’ll be another 12 month contract, but theirs is £14.50 a month. If the machines don’t suit me, I will go back to Mr M and explain their offer and ask if he can match it, just to put the shits up him…..chances are I’ll leave anyway. The gym is fine, the instructors are fine, the membership policy is toss.

Out to a gig tomorrow, and a chance to get tarted up. Hopefully there will be a few nice men there to play with, I fancy a bit of a diversion at the moment. There are a couple of Potential Toys so hopefully one of them will be out tomorrow 😉

Oh, and Arsebiscuits, Fucksocks and Turdburgers. That is all.


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